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Doesn't everybody need a personal assistant?
We think so, and we believe there are those out there who are willing to help. Create a profile detailing your TALENTS to be a helper or your NEEDS to be a hirer.
Browse the area to find your perfect match! provides a venue to find or be help. Please be sure to interview and check references! Background check capabilities coming soon!

Generally, the concept of a personal assistant is a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. However, every day people need everyday help! On the same token, there are many honest, responsible people in this economy who are looking for extra work. At, we want to help connect people and opportunities.

For example, a busy professional who has a hard time keeping up with at-home meal preparation, can find a culinary student needing extra work to be their own "private chef". Or, the busy mother who doesn't have time to organize closets, pick up dry cleaning, or make photo albums can hire an extra hand on the hourly wages of a babysitter. Whatever it is in your life that you simply don't want to do, we believe you can find someone to help.